Wednesday, September 1, 2010

JeTi Shanghai ITNW Concert 100417

JeTi Jessica: “I totally love JeTi too!”


Translated by silis7noy2@soompi (big thanks to silis) <3


It’s a little old… but it’s a JeTi confirmation from Sooyeonee (During YoungDeungPo fan signing)

I wrote on the post-it “Daebak for Legally Blonde”.. then “Sweet JeTi hwaiting!!!”

you can see it right?… ke

After looking at the post-it Sica said… keke she underlined “JeTi” like that then

Sica: “I totally love JeTi too!”

Me: “Huh? Really?… Thank you keke”
Me: “Legally Blonde hwaiting!”

Sica: “Ok~”

+) Why did I tell her thank you at that moment?… ke Because I was so grateful of her confirming JeTi?… Anyway after that JeTi confirmation I remember going crazy… ke


credit: 은빛날 개@jesstiff